Woo~ Least I'm trying anyway xD

This is Spindle. They represent the voice in my head that's like, "Hey loser, give up now cause you'll always suck."
Spindle is an asshole~ :ms_cat_pouting:

I did of my moth friend.
Not good art, she looks like a goat maybe, but art nontheless. And one of my first pretty successful attempts at muzzles, woo!

I'm trying to harass them to join here because their good at finding pleasing nonsense xD

Wow, there sure are a lot of nazis on this platform. Kinda weird that's even still a thing.

Ŭaŭ, certe estas multaj nazioj sur ĉi tiu platformo. Iel stranga, ke tio estas eĉ ankoraŭ afero.

Ankaŭ. Mi volas ĉarmajn GLATajn emoĝiojn ankaŭ. Tiel ĉarma.

Have you seen a cool emoji on someone's Mastodon post, but you can't find it on your own emoji picker? This may be a custom emoji.

Your instance's admin can add custom emoji too. If you contact them they may be able to add the emoji you want.

There are some useful custom emoji hints for admins here:

There's a tool for viewing instances' custom emoji here:

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