@bluefire Tagging you so that you're aware also but I gotta update to the next major version sometime, for both my own needs and that of our end-users, since we're one major version behind and support for that ends in a few months, supposedly. So we've gotta go from release 21.0.3 towards current version 22.0.0 which will, hopefully, be a painless process :)

On a slightly unrelated topic, I also gotta update our instance sometime, , as that's a bit behind too. We use the branch which adds a few improvements and extra features that the original, mainline release doesn't have.

For my own references, we're currently on glitch-soc v3.3.0 while the latest, official Mastodon version, is v3.4.1 as of writing, so it looks like I have plenty of work to keep me busy!

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