By framing healthcare and paid sick leave as 'benefits' capitalism insidiously brainwashes the masses into believing that those things are perks to be earned and not inalienable human rights for all

Job posting, capitalism 

I feel like recruiters are gunning for landlords in the "most hated humans" category.
>Unpaid 30hrs/wk for 3 months
Please fuck off into the sun.

Capitalism, minimum wage, disturbing fact 

The first federal minimum was established at $0.25/hr in 1938. 83 years later and its only gone up $7.

Capitalism, corruption, inequality 

Fun new date idea; bullying the rich.

Capitalism, employment, job seeking, not mine 

There's no reason why you should be working part time as a PhD. Someone that highly educated should be more highly valued and paid thusly.

or something

Hi, I'm your friendly neighborhood bear furry who's lefty, gay, and tired. Capitalism and retail have left me with anger issues.

Say hi, or don't β€” I'm not your boss.

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